The Sound of Music

Recognise the picture above? It’s the view of the Untersberg from Schloss Leopoldskron, the house that was used for the terrace of the Captain’s house. If you’re a fan and want to visit the iconic movie locations, you’re not alone and you’ll join thousands who come to Salzburg every year to experience the magic of one of the most successful movies of all time. While most Austrians and Salzburgers have never even heard of The Sound of Music, the movie has helped to develop Salzburg into one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

You’ll get to stand on the steps at Mirabell where the children and Maria sang Do Re Mi. You can visit the monastery where the real Maria was a postulant and where several scenes from the movie were shot. How about standing on the stage where the family said their goodbye to Salzburg under the watchful eye of the Nazis? And for those feeling 16 again, you can visit the original Gazebo where Liesl had her first kiss. In the evening you can kick back and sit in the same bar where Christopher Plummer would play piano for the cast and crew after a hard day on set.

Central Locations

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

So much here you’ll recognise. Check out the Pegasus Fountain the children danced around and the steps they use as a musical scale. In summer you’ll be able to run through the archway.

Dwarf Garden

Right next to Mirabell Gardens is the Dwarf Garden. Do you remember the children patting the dwarf with glasses during Do Re Mi? Well he’s still there, doesn’t look a day older, and you can say hello and pat his head as well.

Pferdeschwemme (Horse Bath)

Beautiful old Horse Bath where the children danced while singing My Favourite Things.


Residenzplatz featured twice in the movie. The first time Maria splashed in the fountain during  I Have Confidence while later on the Residenz Museum could be seen with the Nazi Swastika draped across the front.


We love this bridge and couldn’t think of anywhere better for the children have passed while on picnic – and all the time singing Do Re Mi.


Another major location, the Felsenreitschule (Rock Riding School) at the Festspielhaus is an amazing concert hall, dug into the cliffs of the Monchsberg. Get a group together and reenact ‘So Long, Farewell’ before making your own escape.

Makart Platz / Hotel Bristol

This is where Christopher Plummer stayed during filming. He would sit in the bar most nights, with cast and crew, playing piano and drinking far to much.

St Peter's Cemetery

Once you get here you’ll see why this was the inspiration for the cemetery at the end of the movie. Tall tombstones, wrought iron gates and catacombs. Hollywood can seldom improve on reality.

Modern Art Museum

This is where the Do Re Mi song began. It used to be called Winkler Terrace, but now it’s home to the Modern Art Museum. The view is one of the best in Salzburg.

Nonnberg Abbey

Real life Maria was a postulant here. It’s also where they shot the getaway scene as well as the one where the children went looking for Maria.

A Little Out of Town

(But Still Very Reachable)

Schloss Leopoldskron

A beautiful old castle which played the part of the terrace behind the Captain’s Villa in the movie. Of course you’ll remember the children falling into the lake, or the Captain gazing down on Maria.

Schloss Hellbrunn

Ah, the Gazebo – the place for First Kisses. Liesl kissed Rolf in this gazebo and Maria also kissed the Captain for the first time. It worked out for Maria, but not so well for Liesl. (This is a beautiful place by the way and well worth a visit.)

Schloss Frohnburg

This time it’s the front of the Captain’s Villa. Maria danced along singing I Have Confidence while the Captain tore down the Nazi flag on returning from honeymoon. This is also where the family pushed their car out the gates in an attempt to escape.


Where it all started and then all ended. This is the mountain where Maria sang the opening Hills are Alive and where the family fled at the end of the movie. It’s really not that far and the views from the top are fabulous (you can take a cable car).

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